Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ta-Da Tuesday! Amazing Artists in their Medium

Happy Poetry Month!

Written by Emily Carr
APRIL 26, 2016; 80 Pages
Genre: canadian, poetry, prose

(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS in exchange for an honest review.)
Rating: ★★★★
It is hard to really summarize this poem so I will let the book's synopsis do the work...
Is there such a thing as sin? How does one fall out of a marriage, and back in love with the world? These fairy tales are for the heartbreakers as much as the heartbroken, for those smitten with wanderlust, for those who still believe it’s possible to make the world we are living in the world we wish to live in.

Amazingly, this is my first piece of writing my Emily Carr.  Living in British Columbia, Canada you learn about Ms. Carr in school but mostly as an artist.  I have loved her visual works so have been wanting to try her writing. Happily, I was not disappointed! Carr has a great grasp of poetry in my opinion.  Her words are chosen carefully as I had ongoing imagery in my head as I read it aloud.  Yes, I read eighty pages out loud.  I started by just reading in my head but soon found myself using my dramatic voice, lol.  A really fun read and cannot wait for my next book.

EMILY CARR: (December 13, 1871 – March 2, 1945) was a Canadian artist and writer heavily inspired by the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. One of the first painters in Canada to adopt a Modernist and Post-Impressionist painting style, Carr did not receive widespread recognition for her work until late in her life. As she matured, the subject matter of her painting shifted from aboriginal themes to landscapes—forest scenes in particular. As a writer, Carr was one of the earliest chroniclers of life in British Columbia. The Canadian Encyclopedia describes her as a "Canadian icon". (From Wikipedia)

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 Happy 75th Anniversary!

Citizen Kane: A Filmmaker's Journey
Written by Harlan Lebo
APRIL 26, 2016; 384 Pages
Genre: classic Hollywood, film history, history, biography

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)

Rating: ★★★

Next month (May) will be the 75th anniversary of one of the greatest movies, Citizen Kane.  Actor/Director/Writer, Orson Welles is best known for his portrayal of Kane (who is based on publisher Hearst) as well his direction of the play. Surrounding Welles and this production of this film is rumours, scandals and legends.  Harlan Lebo in this book has written the story behind the film...how Welles stardom rose, where he started from and how this film came to be written and produced, and how it has touched audiences and future directors.  Lebo explores all the things that have been stated about this movie, and tried to demonstrate the proof (or lack thereof) behind each myth.  I enjoyed this book as it does give you a complete rundown of Welles and Citizen Kane.  I enjoyed the film but it is not one I am running to watch again.  I did still like the book.  I recommend to classic movie fans!


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