Thursday, 14 April 2016

Quick Review: Most Wanted

Written by Lisa Scottoline
2016, 352 Pages
Genre: suspense, thriller, fiction

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)

Rating: ★★
Christine and Marcus want a child to complete their family, but Marcus is unable to reproduce.  With the help sperm donor from a reputable company they are having their first baby.  Christine, a teacher, is leaving her job and on the last day her colleagues throw her a surprise party.  While they are packing up the gifts she sees a news report about the capture of a serial killer.  The serial killer looks like their donor and Christine won't let up till her husband and best friend, Lauren agree.  When Marcus finds that the donor's sperm has been removed from the site and that the company refuses to confirm the donor's identity.  Soon the pregnancy of Christine's dream is turning into a nightmare. Marcus is not sure he wants the baby if the biological father is a killer.  He turns to a lawyer to sue the company for the real identity behind their baby.  Christine decides to go the source.

This summary is about 30-40% of the novel and I was enjoying this portion.  It was interesting and this is usually what I like in Scottoline's writing. When Christine drags Lauren down to the jail to confront the man behind bars the story no longer makes sense.  It is like a weird dream.  The characters were starting to get unrealistic as they got into bizarre implausible situations.  I skimmed the last quarter and managed to finish out of respect for Ms. Scottoline (who I adore) and to see if Christine and the story got their sanity back (SPOILER: Nope). While I don't recommend this book, I would recommend this author and her previous books.  I will also read any new books in the future.

Most Wanted was released April 12.

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